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CMTE I Early Childhood Music Therapy Practices: A Music Together Approach
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 16, 2017 07:30 am - Nov 16, 2017 12:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


Early Childhood Music Therapy practices include approaches to session design, observation/clinical decision-making skills, engaging parents/adult caregivers, intervention choices, and evaluation/research design. Learn approaches to early childhood group and individual music therapy with parent-child dyads informed by Music Together philosophy and practices that are rooted in mixed-age classes with children without diagnoses special needs.


Learner Objectives:

Participants will learn strategies for identifying child’s music developmental level within the context of a music therapy setting (CBMT Domain I.B.3.d.)

Participants will learn strategies for creating a musically accessible therapy experience for children and their parents/adult caregivers (CBMT Domain I.D.8.)

Participations will experience and engage in designing interventions to address children’s speech, executive functioning, attention, sensory integration, and social skills (CBMT Domain II. A.2.k.,p.,q.,as.,av.)


Hour 1 (50 min):

Introduction of attendees; review description; clinical decision-making: what’s known, what’s unknown, critical need; experiential learning (song introductions); Concepts of session arc and flow, integrating musical element variety of tonality and meter

Hour 2 (50 min):

Addressing developmental delays through music therapy interventions in the following domains: speech, executive functioning, attention, sensory integration, and social skills; experiential learning

Hour 3 (50 min):

Stages of children’s music development; designing clinical interventions; Music Together philosophy as it applies to clinicians; importance of parent/adult caregivers; experiential learning.

Lunch (60 min):

Hour4 (50 min):

Review and critical group and small group discussions of clinical video in a variety of therapy settings (group, individual, school, hospital, etc.) to address the following concepts: parent self-efficacy, children’s music development, music therapy interventions.

Hour 5 (50 min):

Components of therapist-focus materials to design session and family-focused home programs; review; evaluation




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