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CMTE K Beyond Accompaniment: Instrumental Techniques for Playing, Teaching, & Utilizing the Ukulele
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 16, 2017 01:30 pm - Nov 16, 2017 04:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


While the ukulele may be easy to play, many music therapists may be unsure how to utilize it in a clinical setting beyond as an accompaniment instrument. This interactive presentation will focus on playing tips and techniques, how to teach others to play, and clinical applications for clients. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own ukulele.


Learner Objectives:

Obj. #1: Participants will discuss goals and objectives relative to utilizing the ukulele in the clinical setting (such as facilitating positive coping skills, improving emotional expression, improving executive functioning skills and attention, improving fine motor/dexterity) (CBMT Domain I.D. 11, 16)

Obj. #2: Participants will learn how to teach clients how to play the ukulele in a success-oriented way (CBMT Domain II. A. a, b, e; 2. b, e, f, g, h, i, k, l, m, o, q, r, s, u, v, w, x, y, z, aa, ab, ac, ad, af, ag, ah, aj, ak, am, an, ap, aq, av, ba, bd).

Obj. #3: Participants will learn how to utilize the ukulele in the clinical setting apart from as an accompaniment instrument (i.e., write their own ukulele tablature, improvise, utilize for songwriting/composition, lead ukulele groups, etc.) (CBMT Domain II. A. 5. d, e, f, g, h, k, l, o, p, r, t, ac).

Obj. #4: Participants will learn functional musical skills on the ukulele (i.e, chords, strumming patterns, finger picking patterns, and tablature) (CBMT Domain IV. A. 3, 4, 6).


10 minutes: Introduction, overview, pass out/tune ukuleles

20 minutes: Teaching chords; teaching beginner songs to correspond with chord abilities

20 minutes: Teaching strum patterns; practice strum patterns

10 minutes: Break

20 minutes: Teaching/facilitating improvisation on ukulele

20 minutes: Adaptive playing: introduce color-coded string system; color-coded tabs, clinical implications; utilizing stickers; one-finger adaptive chords; adaptive tunings

20 minutes: Ukulele tabs; incorporating the melody into playing; writing your own tabs

10 minutes: Break

20 minutes: Finger picking

15 minutes: Wrap up, questions, sharing materials

15 minutes: Evaluations




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