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CMTE H The Role of Medical Music Therapy in Addressing Current Health Crises and Trends
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 16, 2017 07:30 am - Nov 16, 2017 12:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


Experts will present evidence-based medical music therapy services for current critical health care areas: NAS epidemic, opioid epidemic, geriatric surgery, pediatric over-sedation, comprehensive NICU MT, and data mining for national health policy inclusion. Presentations will include referral objectives, assessment procedures, music therapy techniques with CPT coding, patient outcome documentation, patient load estimates, and research references.



:   Learners will know the results of the latest research and be able to design evidence-based MT clinical interventions on 5 current critical issues in the field of Medical MT. (ID, IIA)

·         Learners will be able to discuss future implications of the newest research on clinical development of  Medical MT (ID, IIA)

·         Learners will be able to discuss the potential of consistent labeling of MT interventions and data mining for future efficacy research in medical MT.  (III A & B)

SCHEDULE (CBMT Domains)  for each presentation in parentheses)
7:30-7:45  Orientation
7:45-8:20  Evidence-Based MT for Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (ID, IIA)
Darcy Deloach, PhD, MT-BC;  Ellyn Hamm, MM, MT-BC; Michael Detmer, MM, MT-BC
                                                  8:20-8:55 The Opioid Epidemic: Using MT to Reduce the Need for Opioids in Hospital Treatment  (ID, IIA)
 Olivia Yinger, PhD, MT-BC
                                                8:55-9:10  DISCUSSION
                                                  9:10-9:25   BREAK
                                                   9:25-10:00  MT to Reduce Anesthesia-Induced Confusion in Hospitalized Seniors   (ID, IIA)  Brittany Mohney, MM, MT-BC
                                                  10:00-10:35   MT to Reduce Pediatric and Premature Infant Over-Sedation  (ID, IIA)
 Darcy DeLoach, PhD, MT-BC;  Amy Robertson PhD, MT-BC,
                                                10:35-10:50 DISCUSSION
                                               10:50-11:00 BREAK
                                                11:00-11:35  Comprehensive NICU-MT Planning   (ID, IIA)          
Ciele Gutierrez. MM, MT-BC
                                        11:35-12:05  Data Mining the p-COR network to document Evidence-Based Medical MT Efficacy (III A & B)
Jayne Standley, PhD, MT-BC ; Dawn Iwamasa, MM, MT-BC
                                                12:05-12:20  DISCUSSION
                                                12:20-12:30  COURSE EVALUATION          




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