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Optimal Rhythms: Unlocking Nonverbal Autism through Neurologic Music Therapy and Movement
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 15, 2017 12:30 pm - Nov 15, 2017 06:30 pm
Session Type: Special Training
Track: .


Music, brain, and autism research is challenging many parents, therapists, and educators to “rethink” autism. Participants in this course will explore the movement and sensory differences of autism and learn innovative neurologic techniques that support more functional movement, sensory regulation, and reliable communication in individuals with severe autism.

Learning Objectives:

1) Participants will be able to site at least 3 research articles that support a neurologic treatment approach for autism spectrum disorder.  II.A.3.c,d,e; II.A.4.a,h; IV.A.2,3; IV.B.5,6

2) Participants will be able to identify 2 music or rhythm-based NMT techniques which support an improved brain-body connection  II.A.2.h,i,k,o,r,v,w,x,z,ab,ac, ae,ag,ar,at,av,ba,bb

3) Participants will be able to identify 5 common symptoms or difficulties related to a movement disorder and how they relate to common difficulties of individuals with severe autism spectrum disorder.  I.B.3.a,b,c; I.B.4.a,b,e,f,k,l; I.B.11; I.C.1-5

4) Participants will be able to describe why assuming competence is possibly the least dangerous assumption during assessment and treatment of all clients.   I.B.3.a,b,c; I.B.12; I.C.1-5; I.D.1; I.D.6.a-e; I.D.8,9,10,16; II.A.2.g,h,i,p,q,r,s,ab,af,ag,ap; II.A.3.f


45 mins Introduction / Let’s Rethink Autism

15 mins Break

45 mins Presuming Competence - the Least Dangerous Assumption

60 mins Evidence-based Research Reviews / Case Studies

15 mins Break

60 mins Body Mapping & Cross-Midline Drumming - Using Rhythm to Create a Brain-Body Connection

15 mins Break

60 mins Clinical Strategies to Support Functional Movement, Regulation, and Communication in Autism

15 mins Q&A

15 mins Evaluation

5 contact hours * 60/50= 6 (6 CMTE credits)



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