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CMTE B Leader, Teacher, Shepherd, Guide: Considerations for Facilitating Groups
(Event: 2017 AMTA Conference - A Mindful Approach to Music Therapy)

Nov 16, 2017 07:30 am - Nov 16, 2017 12:30 pm
Session Type: CMTE Course
Track: .


Join us for an exploration of the many roles and responsibilities that a group leader might play when creating a safe space for any group.  Learn from a specialist in group work and building community with over three decades of experience.


Learner Objectives

Obj #1 - Participants will describe the multiple roles of group facilitation neccesarry to best create a safe and therapeutic enviroment in which to best acheive client's treatment goals and provide effective group treatment. CBMT Domain II.A.1-4

Obj #2 - Participants will  identify their own group leadership approach, and consider the myriad needs and ways to be more flexible and fluid within these roles. CBMT Domain IV.4.A.1-5, IV.B.3,4,8,9,14



1. Opening music and Introductions (15" - group music and mindfulness practice experiential) 

2. Overview of the Program (15") - what we'll learn, and how I came to focus on this topic and chose to share it here 

2. material/discussion - (one hour - Music leadership roles and other leadership models - will have musical experientials throughout to explore these concepts) 

3. 15" break

4. material covered/discussion- (one hour, 15" - Leadership presence models - self-awareness, empowerment using music/mindfulness practices) 

5. 15" break

6. material and experiential (one hour,15" - tasks of music therapists in group settings - will include musical experiences to illustrate and explore these leadership tasks) 
7. 30 minutes for reveiw, Q and A, and group closure



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