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ACHE Exam Blueprint


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The blueprint identifies the major content areas relevant to the responsibilities of the hospice executive. The percentages of

questions on the exam from each of the major content areas are indicated below.

1. Leadership (18%)

a. Organizational culture and philosophy

b. Vision, mission and goals

c. Advocacy

d. Values

2. Accountability to Board (21%)

a. Legal

b. Financial

c. Current position of home care organization

d. Corporate compliance

e. Strategic business development

f. Review and revision of Bylaws and policies and procedures

3. Strategic positioning for growth and development (11%)

a. Future positioning

b. Feasibility studies

c. Merger and acquisitions

d. Community relations

e. Branding

f. Diversification

4. Corporate and organizational design (9%)

a. Corporate design

b. Organizational design

c. Human resources

d. Financial resources

5. Financial oversight (10%)

a. Budget approval and oversight

i. Projections for positioning

ii. Cost reports

iii. CAP issues

iv. Return on Investment (ROI)

b. Periodic financial reports review

c. Risk assessment

d. Contract oversight

6. Resource Management (10%)

a. Legal

b. Financial

c. Administrative

d. Clinical

e. Consultants

f. Volunteers

7. Organizational risk and benefit analysis and decision making (14%)

a. Financial

b. Legal

c. Legislative

d. Strategic

8. Industry Trends (8%)

a. Forecasting and analysis

b. Legislative


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