Board of Directors 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 Board of Directors consists of sixteen members of the Society who serve in a volunteer capacity. Five of the Directors serve as Officers. Directors are elected by the membership for a one year term and may be re-elected. Board members roll off after 3 years.


Co-Chairperson: John Boyle, Ernst & Young

Co-Chairperson: Ross Josephson, Mizuho

President: John Bowden, ING

Treasurer: Jared Mizak, Wells Fargo

Secretary: Sarah Gang, JPMorgan Chase

Vice President: Rick Adler, Citigroup

Vice President: Daniel Barnes, BNP Paribas 

Vice President: Brendan Browne, S&P Global Ratings

Vice President: Michael Crumpler, Credit Benchmark 

Vice President: Cecile Davidian, Citigroup

Vice President: Bridget Dean-Hammel, BlackRock

Vice President: Michael Ferris, HSBC

Vice President: Tara Levine, Morgan Stanley

Vice President: Michael Macchio, Goldman Sachs

Vice President: Jared Mizak, Wells Fargo

Vice President: Amar Patel, Deutsche Bank

Vice President: Laura Sunshine, Bank of America