Committees List

Welcome to the NAACCR Committee List. You will find below a list of all active ad-hoc, standing, and special committees; subcommittees; work groups; and task forces. Please click on the name of the group to view its description and Chair information. Please see subsequent pages for additional committees.

Please Note: The committees are sorted in the following order: Board of Directors (with its subcommittees and work groups); Standing Committees (with their subcommittees and work groups); Special Committees and Task Forces (with their subcommittees and work groups); and Ad-Hoc Committees (with their subcommittees and work groups).

If you are interested in joining a committee, please click on that committee's name and contact the chair.

  • Strategic Alliances Steering Committee
    Strengthen and expand relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee
    Facilitate mission-critical role of NAACCR to prepare central registries to adapt rapidly and successfully to changing developments in cancer surveillance.
  • Research and Data Use Steering Committee
    Facilitate the expansion of data use for research, cancer prevention and control, and clinical outcomes; and improve access to pooled data across states and provinces for research.
  • Professional Development Steering Committee
    Address workforce issues for the surveillance community, skill development, and training needs of the NAACCR community.
  • Communications Steering Committee
    Develop and strengthen internal and external NAACCR communications and bring a greater awareness of NAACCR member interests to wider audiences.
  • Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors oversees the policies and general direction of the Association.
  • Board of Directors-Finance and Personnel Subcommittee
    This group meets to discuss the finance and personnel issues with NAACCR as an organization. The Finance/Personnel Subcommittee shall be a subcommittee of the NAACCR, Inc. Board of Directors. The purpose of the Subcommittee shall be twofold: (1) to review, monitor, and recommend policy for the organization that pertains to the management of the financial resources and the financial risks of the organization. These may include policies with respect to investments and uses of cash, and strategy for the fiscal stability of the organization; and (2) to give advice, recommend policy, and provide support to the NAACCR Board of Directors for any significant personnel issues related to the Executive Director. These may include topics such as compensation or other personnel matters of the organization. This Subcommittee will also respond to any requests from the Executive Director.
  • Bylaws Committee
    The Bylaws Committee receives and reviews all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. The Committee is responsible for mailing proposed amendments to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to action being taken at the annual business meeting.
  • Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members nominated and elected by the voting Membership at the annual business meeting. The President shall appoint the Chair from the three elected candidates. The President also shall appoint a Board of Directors liaison to the committee. No member of this committee may designate an alternate with voting powers to participate in any meeting for which the appointed member is absent. The Nominating Committee shall secure candidates for the office of President-Elect, Treasurer, and Representative-at-Large as appropriate, and shall prepare a ballot to be distributed to the membership. The committee shall receive the completed ballots, tally the votes, and present the results of the election to the membership at the annual business meeting. The Nominating Committee shall also secure candidates from the Sponsoring Member Organizations for the position of Sponsoring Member Organization Representative to the NAACCR Board of Directors, and prepares a ballot to be disseminated to the Sponsoring Member Organizations. The Nominating Committee shall receive the completed ballots, tally the votes, and present the results of the election to the Board of Directors.
  • Program Standing Committee
    The Program Committee is responsible for the program for the Annual Conference, and works with the conference planner to set guidelines for meeting logistics and locations.
  • Registry Operations Advisory Group
    The Registry Operations Advisory Group provides a forum for discussion of methodological issues as they apply to the policies, procedures and operations of a central cancer registry and provides suggested models and developing standards for the policies, procedures, and operation of central cancer registries. The ROAG facilitates the peer-to-peer exchange of information on methods, procedures, and policies among registries.
  • Uniform Data Standards Work Group
    The Uniform Data Standards Work Group provides a formal mechanism to review and recommend proposed changes in data codes and/or the addition of new items submitted by NAACCR members to ensure that data remain comparable among central registries and other standard setters. Further, the WG provides a formal mechanism for reviewing and recommending edits of NAACCR-approved data items.
  • Uniform Data Standards Work Group-CS EDITS Work Group
    The CS Edits WG provides a formal mechanism to review and make additions/changes to the CS edits.
  • Uniform Data Standards Work Group-Volume II Task Force
    A task force of the UDS Work Group to develop and maintain the data standards for cancer registration defined in Standards Volume II.
  • 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop Task Force
    The 2014 Pre-Conference Workshop Task Force reviews submission for potential pre-conference workshops and makes recommendations to the NAACCR executive director for workshops to be presented and suggested dates and times.
  • Board and Chair Committee
    This is a combined committee of the NAACCR Board of Directors and NAACCR Steering Committee Chairs.
  • Cancer Registry Short Course Task Force
    The Cancer Registry Short Course Task Force is reviewing the current content of the short course and will revise to meet the needs of people new to the central cancer registry and surveillance field.
  • Change Management Board
    This group will be responsible for reviewing proposed changes, including but not limited to those that will be incorporated into the NAACCR Volume II Data Dictionary. The workgroup will review, evaluate and approve requests for change through an assessment process intended to determine the feasibility of the change and assess the impact on the cancer surveillance community. Members of the CMB will represent their organizations in the approval and implementation planning for the changes approved. Their support will maximize efficiency and coordination in the integration of the changes.
  • CINA Editorial Review Work Group
    This group reviews any article that uses CINA data prior to submission for publication.
  • CINA Editorial Work Group
    This committee evaluates the data submitted for inclusion in the CINA products, selects the data for inclusion in the CINA products, and determines how the data will be presented in the CINA Monographs. This committee also provides feed back on the data submitted to the submitting registry.
  • Completeness Work Group
  • Editorial Review Board Work Group
    This group reviews the content of the NAACCR Narrative newsletter.
  • EDITS Impact Workgroup
    Impact of New/Revised Edits on Registry Retrospective Data
  • Edits Workgroup
    The EDITS Workgroup provides a formal mechanism to review and make additions/changes to edits and the NAACCR EDITS metafile.
  • EHR Reporting and NAACCR Volume II Harmonization Task Force
    Convene a task force (TF) to evaluate the need for addition/revision of data elements in NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries, Volume II Data Standards and Data Dictionary (Volume II) as a result of the physician reporting from the Meaningful Use (MU) activities. The goal is to harmonize Volume II to better accommodate physician electronic health record (EHR) reporting.