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Linking IPUMS Time Use & CPS ASEC Data to Study Health & Well-Being
(Event: PAA 2020 Annual Meeting)

Apr 22, 2020 1:00pm - Apr 22, 2020 5:00pm
Session Type: Workshop


This workshop is to promote awareness of and expertise in linking American Time Use Survey (ATUS-X) data with the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC).  Workshop participants will learn how to use ATUS and the CPS ASEC as key data sources for time use research on health and well-being. The ATUS-X, one of the three databases available through the IPUMS Time Use Archive, provides current U.S. data on the type and context of daily activities, well-being, life satisfaction, self-rated health, health behavior measures, and sociodemographic data on respondents and household members. The ASEC contains individual and household data on program participation, taxes, earned income, income transfers, including supplemental poverty measures, disability, health, and migration.  The workshop will provide a brief overview of the integration and harmonization work of IPUMS that make these data easier to use and analyze. New and experienced IPUMS Time Use investigators will benefit with a guided introduction and hands-on experience on linking the ATUS with CPS ASEC using the IPUMS Time Use and IPUMS CPS web-based systems.  Specific topics will include the different topical and temporal coverage of the ATUS and CPS ASEC, complexities of linking ATUS data collected on an ongoing basis with the CPS ASEC data collected annually, and differences between the ASEC and monthly March data. Workshop participants will develop familiarity and expertise in linking individuals across the ATUS and the ASEC through the hands-on exercises and by consulting with IPUMS Time Use workshop presenters about specific research questions.


  • Sarah Flood, Director of US Surveys, IPUMS Center for Data Integration, University of Minnesota
  • Liana Sayer, Director, Maryland Time Use Laboratory, University of Maryland & Professor of Sociology


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