Welcome to the ESPA Recruitment Toolkit!

We have created this page so that you have a one-stop-shop for all things recruitment!  Our CVBs are always so enthusiastic about spreading the word on ESPA.  This page gives you a variety of tools to help you in your recruitment initiatives. 



1. ESPA Value of Membership Flyer

2. ESPA "Join Us!" Flyer

3. ESPA – An Event Service Professional’s Education and CEU Resource

‚Äč4. ESPA, Setting the Stage PowerPoint presentation tool

5. ESPA Promo Copy – Use in your newsletters or company communications

Idea Board 


These are great ideas to get the word out!   Many are tried and true, implemented by CVB members in the past. 

♦ Know someone that would benefit from ESPA? Send an Email! or Write a letter.

Member Showcase: Paola Bowman, CMP, CTA, from the Fort Worth CVB, created an awesome email that she sent to some of her services peers. 

Feel free to use it as a template!

♦ Include an ESPA promo article in your local newsletter or on a blog or website. See the Tools section above for a generic version, or craft your own. Give your perspective on why ESPA membership is beneficial. Also, be sure to follow, tag and share with ESPA on social media.

♦ CVBs: Proactively share your lists of local CSMs to HQ for its prospective member communications. 

♦ When new employees join your organization, consider an ESPA membership to help them become acquainted with their peers and have access to professional development that will help them grow in their role.

♦ Forward ESPA emails to your colleagues to let them know how much value they will get as a member.  Make it a habit!

♦ Invite a prospective member to join you to attend the Annual Conference or National Celebrate Services Week activity. 

♦ Give a gift of ESPA membership to staff members as a year-end recognition or thank you, or for positive employee performance or consistently positive service ratings.

♦ Invite local CSMs to join you each month for the ESPA webinar. Gather in a local conference room, offer lunch or people can bring their own. Watch the webinar then share ideas afterwards. Use this time to review other benefits of ESPA or talk about upcoming events or benefits. Use the ESPA Setting the Stage PowerPoint tool to help deliver the message.

♦ Initiate a meeting with your CVB CEO, President, Directors to educate them about ESPA.Use the PowerPoint presentation to help them understand the breadth and benefits of the association to the local team of service professionals. Also, provide copies of the flyer for them to distribute to local hotel GMs or key staff at the Convention Center.

♦ Do the same with your area hotel GMs or directors of convention services.Reach out and request a meeting. Why not? Consider organizing this into a designated week or month to spread the word about ESPA.

♦ Members -- do you sit on an advisory board? Request a timeslot on an upcoming meeting agenda and use the tools to share more about ESPA.

♦ Had the benefit of attending the ESPA Conference? Don’t keep all those learnings to yourself – share the knowledge! Schedule a post-Conference Presentation to your local services team, maybe over lunch; consider inviting the Hotel and Center CSMs too. If you can’t get a stand-alone meeting arranged, be sure to get it added to an existing meeting agenda. Be sure to commit to documenting the take-aways and new ideas learned at conference.


Member showcase: The Westin Indianapolis Holds Post-Event meeting 

♦ Initiate hosting regular Services meetings with hotel CSMs. What a great way to grow the rapport and communications with your partners throughout the city.This gives all services partners the opportunity to review upcoming groups and events, collaborate on ideas and be sure everyone has a clear understanding of the groups.During the meetings give a brief ESPA update (upcoming conference, upcoming webinars, etc.)


• Host an ESPA Webinar / Lunch and Learn
• Coordinate a National Celebrate Services Week activity – start early!In April or May, starting talking it up with your peers and thinking through ideas for your event.


Member Showcase: Visit Denver Quarterly Services Meetings 


♦ Sponsor local CSM of the Year awards – hold these events during National Celebrate Services Week in order tie it to ESPA and promote the association in your community


Member Showcase:  See how San Antonio and Tampa Bay make it happen