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Testing Policies and Exam Security

Review this section for current information on testing policies for NBHHC Certification programs (“Certification Exam” or “Exams”).  All candidates are bound by these testing policies.

Anonymously Report Suspicious Activity


All content, specifically questions and answers where applicable of the exams are the exclusive and confidential property of the National Board for Home Care and Hospice Certification (NBHHC) and are protected by NBHHC’s intellectual property rights. They may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the express authorization of NBHHC. Candidates who sit for NBHHC certification exams must agree they have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the NBHHC Confidentiality Agreement before beginning each exam. The agreement applies to all exams. Signing and adhering to this agreement is required to be officially credentialed and to maintain a valid credential. Penalties for violating the policy can include up to and including a lifetime ban on all future exams and the nullification of all previous credentials.


Candidates must take no action to compromise the integrity or confidentiality of any NBHHC exams. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to any of the following:

·   Utilizing an unauthorized copy of the exam

·   Reproducing exam materials by any means, including reconstruction through memorization.

·   Misconduct as determined by statistical analysis.

·   Requesting access to exam questions or other protected exam material in forums or social networking sites.

·   Altering exam scores, score reports or certificates.

·   Selling, licensing, distributing, giving away or obtaining from any source other than NBHHC the Exam Materials, questions or answers

·   Distributing actual exam content via Web postings, discussion groups, chat rooms, study guides, etc.

·   Use of falsified or altered Certificates, Score Reports, or other documents or electronic media used to misrepresent the Certification status of a candidate

·   Giving or receiving assistance of any kind from anyone for any examination

·   Using any aids, notes, equipment or other materials not authorized by the Testing Delivery Partners or NBHHC during the exam

·   Providing falsified documentation as a means of a false identity, false address, false email address, or solicitation of someone to take a test on another’s behalf

·   Use of NBHHC Support Services to resolve test questions to extract examination questions and answers

·   Failure to protect Certification content through carelessness or in an attempt to shield facts regarding a violation

·   Causing a disturbance of any kind in a testing facility; removing or attempting to remove questions and/or responses (in any format) or notes, note board, or scratch paper from the testing room

Please report suspicious activity to the Testing Center and the NBHHC staff. NBHHC may use exam statistics to identify anomalies in the exam results. If NBHHC determines that any misconduct has occurred, NBHHC reserves the right to investigate and is subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to lifetime ban on all future participation in exams and the nullification of previously awarded credentials.   

Other NBHHC Exam Policies: Proctored Exams

Appropriate security of exam content is an essential aspect for maintaining the integrity of the exams. There are standard best practices for maintaining an exam, including the protection of all exam content. NBHHC does not provide exam questions in any format other than in a proctored test environment through NBHHC scheduled locations and approved computer based testing centers.  

·    If a candidate fails an exam s/he must wait two quarters before attempting to take the same exam again.

·   NBHHC strongly recommends attending training courses and having met the minimum required on-the-job experience in the specified level and auspice you are testing for prior to taking any exam(s). Be cautioned that attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of an exam.

·   NBHHC reserves the right to change the requirements and designations at any time.

·   Upon your successful passing the examination. NBHHC will send you a certificate and authorizes you to display the certificate(s) provided to you as well as using the designation awarded. You shall not copy, modify or alter the certificates provided to you.

·   NBHHC retains all right, title and interest in the certification program(s), the associated NBHHC designation(s) and related exams and results.

·   NBHHC shall have no liability to you or to any of your consumers for your use of NBHHC program designations or the services provided by you or any other individual as a NBHHC credentialed Individual.

·   Any exam results shall be owned exclusively by NBHHC.  NBHHC shall have the right to publish or use any such information or data.


If NBHHC determines that any misconduct has occurred, NBHHC reserves the right to investigate and is subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to lifetime ban on all future participation in exams and the nullification of previously awarded credentials.   

 When does the exam get updated? 

NBHHC makes every effort to ensure validity of the exams.  Exams are reviewed and monitored on a continuous basis. Item performances are reviewed each time the exams are offered.  In addition monitoring the item performance and exam statistics, the exams will undergo a complete review every three years.  At this time, all exam questions will be reviewed and replaced as deem necessary.  Retired questions may be provided in the form of “practice exams” or at the discretion of the NBHHC. 

How long is a certification designation valid? When do certifications expire?

NBHHC credentials are valid for four years starting from the date of the exam.  They automatically expire in four years.  There are two ways to renew the certification.  One way is to show evidence that you have continued your education through continual participation in qualified education trainings.  Another way is to re-test.  For more information, review the Recertification Application. 

Who is responsible for keeping certified candidates valid?

Candidates are responsible for keeping their certification valid. NBHHC will make reasonable efforts to remind candidates when their exams are going to expire via email. However it is the responsibility of the individuals to monitor and ensure renewal of their credentials prior to expiration.    


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