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Authentic and Deliberate Leadership:  The West Point Way On-line Course on MNLET

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association is excited to offer the advanced leadership course, “Authentic & Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way” is now available at no cost to sheriff’s staff on the MSA’s eLearning site, MNLET.  It is approved for 40 MN POST Credits.

This course was originally designed and taught by General Howard Prince and the staff of the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  The original course, required of all cadets in their 3rd year of study, was adapted for civilian use and has been used by law enforcement organizations in the last several years.  The program was re-designed in 2020-2021 by General Prince, Dr. Mitch Javidi, and Dr. Dave Mather as a self-paced online course. 

The course challenges participants to bring their experience leading others at any level of the organization and combine it with behavioral science theories which will improve the participant’s ability to enhance the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of their people. This course is not intended to be theoretical; it is designed to be deliberately applied in the real world with real people using contemporary challenges in need of creative solutions. The foundation of the course is about understanding human behavior, including your own, and learning to lead people more effectively in a dynamic environment. 

The course explores leadership at four different levels (areas) in the organization: leading individuals, leading groups, the leader, and leading organizations. Lectures, discussion boards, workbooks, and quizzes from each of the areas are combined to form a rigorous leadership course.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I find the course? 

  • Log into www.mnlet.org and go to the courses page.  It is directly below the ICLD courses.  If you do not have a username and password, please contact your training director or Ann Jarrett ajarrett@mnsheriffs.org.


Is there a fee? 

  • With the MSA Board of Directors approval, we are excited to offer this opportunity at no additional cost to all sheriff’s staff.


Is there a book with this course? 

  • Yes, there is the original Leadership in Organization textbook to reference and workbooks that can be downloaded to assist with the lectures. Links are available in the course. This is a challenging course; we highly recommend taking notes during the lectures.


Do I need to have completed ICLD to take this course? 

  • No, this course is independent of ICLD.  However, completing the ICLD leadership courses will give you a strong foundation for taking this course.






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