The Benefits of SPA Membership


At the Seaplane Pilots Association, we believe that flying should be fun and full of adventure. Whether you are a weekend adventurer or looking for something more exciting than point-to-point transportation flying on autopilot, seaplanes will open up endless horizons that will reward you with new flying skills and make each flight a unique and exciting aviation adventure.

Countless opportunities await you in both recreational and commercial seaplane flying across the United States, from Florida to Alaska, Washington State to Maine, and countless international locations around the globe.


Member Benefits

  • Nation Wide Advocacy
  • Protection of Seaplane access to waterways
  • Water Flying Magazine
  • Scholarship Programs for Seaplane Training
  • Discounted Insurance Programs for Seaplanes
  • The Seaplane Flight School Training Directory
  • The Water Landing Directory App
  • Events & Splash-Ins
  • Safety Seminars
  • Member's only access to additional resources online at





International Membership & Opportunities

If you reside outside of the United States we welcome you to our worldwide community of seaplane pilots. The Seaplane Pilots Association has an ever growing advocacy role outside the United States and our coverage of seaplane events, destinations, opportunities and pilots is constantly expanding. An important consideration is that to consider is that outside the United States there are not any sizeable resources for seaplane pilots to represent seaplane pilots in advocacy issues or to allow them to stay connected to greater global seaplane community.


 If you seek international opportunities to fly seaplanes, these exist in exotic locations around the world - the Maldives, Italy, Greece, India, Australia, the Caribbean, and Canada just to name a few.


What are our members flying, and do I have to own a seaplane to Join SPA?

Our members are flying everything from impressive old warbirds like the Grumman Albatross to today's new breed of Light Sport Seaplanes.


Many of our members do not currently own a seaplane, but may have a seaplane rating or are just passionate fans of seaplanes that have a desire to feed their dreams and ambitions of flying seaplanes.