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Welcome to SPA's New Member Database System




As SPA continually strides to improve our benefits to our members. Technology is a major focus. In that light, we are pleased to introduce you to our new association management system.

This is new and will take just a little getting used to... but once you get to used to it, you will be able unleash a growing amount of features that will provide you "our member" with more useful tools and benefits than ever before.

Current Members will need to log in with your email address and "Password1" the first time you log into the system. After you login the first time you will be asked to change your password. - From that point forward you will no longer need to call in to SPA headquarters to reset your website password, as you will be able to do it your self from this site.

For "Non-Members" and those desiring to "Join" SPA you will need to register your information and create a user account to use the membership sign up and shopping cart functions that this section of SPA's site offers.      







  • Checkout the new SPA shopping cart system. This new shopping cart features all of the great SPA products that our members and non members enjoy.


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