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Mike Kincaid began flying seaplanes from Lake Hood, Alaska, in 1978. Piloting Super Cubs, Cessnas, and Beavers for the Alaska Department of Public Safety and the Civil Air Patrol, he adventured through much of Bush Alaska as a Trooper. He has operated two seaplane instruction schools and now serves as a FAA-Designated Seaplane Pilot Examiner in North Idaho, where he also flies a variety of seaplanes for fun. 

The book guides the Single-Engine-Sea-rating student through all the requirements and knowledge needed to earn the rating.


Chapter 1 Seaplanes 101: History, Seaplane types, the Single Engine Sea Rating.

Chapter 2 Safety First: Special Emphasis, "Runway" Incursions, Emergencies.

Chapter 3 Keeping out of Trouble: Performance, limitations, systems, preflight, rules, publications, bases.

Chapter 4 Waterworks: Water characteristics, taxiing and sailing.

Chapter 5 Up, Up, and Away... and Back: Takeoffs and Landings.

Chapter 6 tucking the Seaplane in: Beaching, Ramping, Docking, Mooring, and Security.

Chapter 7 Testing for the SES Rating: Open book test & practical test.

Chapter 8 Syllabi and Endorsements.

Chapter 9 References.