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CHCA Exam Blueprint


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The blueprint identifies the major content areas relevant to the responsibilities of the home care administrator. The percentages

of questions on the exam from each of the major content areas are indicated below.

1. Business Operations (25%)

a. Leadership (e.g., understand operational, performance improvement, marketing, and financial improvement)

b. Quality Outcomes (e.g., financial, clinical, satisfaction, importance of OASIS Accuracy, performance improvement)

c. Marketing (e.g., understand competitive landscape and traditional components of marketing)

d. Strategic Planning (understand a marketing analysis, strategic positioning analysis, and strategic plan)

e. Vision and Mission Statement Development

f. Human Resources (e.g., patient privacy, recruitment and retention)

g. Administrative Requirements (e.g., Medicare CoP, HIPPA, license renewal, bylaw reviews, policies and procedures)

2. Finance (37%)

a. Accounting Reports (e.g., accounting fundamentals profit loss, accounts receivables or payables)

b. Risk Management (e.g., managing HR, clinical, and regulatory risks)

c. External Partners (e.g., business operations, relations with vendors, banks or accountants)

d. Cost Reports-Familiarity with Medicare Cost Report

e. General Administrative Expenses (e.g., key drivers, rent or insurance)

f. Variable Expenses (e.g., payroll or supplies)

g. Budgeting (e.g. key indicators, understand revenue and expenses)

h. Contract Negotiations and Management

i. Wages, Salaries, and Benefits

j. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

k. Return on Investment (ROI)

l. Prospective Payment System (PPS)

3. Business Development (16%)

a. Marketing Strategies (e.g., internet, marketing, sales cycle)

b. Sales Training (understand patient protection and Affordable Care Act

c. Promotions and Branding

d. Market analysis

e. Feasibility Studies

4. Compliance (22%)

a. Relationships with Regulators

b. Managing Surveys and Audits (e.g., state licensure and Medicare CoP)

c. Quality Management Programs (e.g., OBQI)

d. Compliance Reviews (e.g., surveys)

e. Risk Management

f. Corporate Compliance (e.g., Stark Law, HIPPA)

i. Clinical

ii. Financial

iii. Legal integrity


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