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CHCM Exam Blueprint


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The blueprint identifies the major content areas relevant to the responsibilities of the home care manager. The percentages of

questions on the exam from each of the major content areas are indicated below.

1) Leadership Skills (10%)

a. Team Building

b. Communication and Listening

c. Conflict Resolution

d. Staff Development and Training

2) Customer Service (15%)

a. Satisfaction Surveys (e.g., client, peers)

b. Relationship development and maintenance (e.g., clients, staff or community)

i. Clients

ii. Staff and Management

iii. Referral Sources

iv. Vendors

v. Medical Professionals

vi. Community

vii. Regulatory Bodies

3) Management Skills (30%)

a. Time Management

b. Coaching, Counseling and Discipline

c. Organization Skills

d. Interviewing

e. Employee Evaluation

f. Communication and Documentation (oral and written)

g. Scheduling and Staffing

4) Marketing and Sales (5%)

a. Understanding Marketing Plan

b. Market Definition(s) and Demographics

c. Company Services and Capabilities

d. Potential Client Leads

5) Regulatory Processes for Home Care Agencies (10%)

a. Scope of Practice



6) Financial Management and Budgeting (10%)

a. Overtime Management

b. Factors that Affect Payroll

c. Budget

d. Supply Costs

e. Expenses

f. Reimbursement Scale

g. Payer Source and Contracts

7) Human Resource Basic Practices and Law (15%)

a. Staff Orientation

b. Confidentiality

c. Benefits

d. Wages

e. Labor Law

8) Risk Management (5%)

a. Client

b. Financial

c. Safety

d. Human Resources


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