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Conference Presentations

Below are links to the presentations at the 2019 SETA / NCETA Joint Spring Conference in Asheville, NC. Is there a workshop missing that you need? Let SETA staff know which one and we will do our best to get it on here.

SUNDAY, March 3, 2019

Pre-Conference Session - "Preparing Young Adults for the Careers of the Future" Chris Droessler

MONDAY, March 4, 2019

Opening Session: 2030: The Workplace Revolution” Josh Davies


"Local Workforce Governance" John Chamberlin

"Serving the Needs of Special Populations" Lisa Davis, Phyllis Jackson, and Carrie Lokey

"Working with Youth Who Are Like Dr. Sheldon Cooper From the TV Series 'The Big Bang Theory'" Chris Droessler

"On-the-Job Training Innovations: A Collaborative Approach to Business Services" Keidrian Kunkel and Gene Borzendowski

"The Outcome Zone: Performance Management for Workforce Development Professionals" Joseph Seymour and John Hattery

"Your Personality Stinks! Or Perhaps It's Just Me?" Beth Hollars

"Critical Written Policies and Procedures" Macey Prince Swinson

"Generation Z, Post Millennial: Tapping into the Power of History's Largest Generation" Tim Foster and Michael Vu

"Let’s Tango – Learning the Steps Needed to Find a Good Partner" Demetricus Johnson, LaMonica Shelton, Winston Tompoe, and Nick Espinosa

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Luncheon

"The Power of One - Omni Grove Park Inn's Service Philosophy" Joshua Kersey and  Corie Hackney


"Administrative and Financial Monitoring" Macey Prince Swinson

"News from Washington" Robert Knight

"What’s Your Style? Learning Styles in the Workplace" Beth Hollars

"Implementing the Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA) and MOU" Debbie Strama

"USDOL Veteran Program Update: Priority of Service for Veterans and Recognition of Veteran-Friendly Employers" John Savage and Lane Dyer

"How the Student Loan Crisis Influences the Workforce" Patrick Buford and Thomas White

"Business Services 101: Getting Started with the What, Why, Who, and How of Engaging the Business Community" Carrie Lokey and Amy Baldwin

"IT-Ready Charlotte: Partnering for Training & Employment" Danielle Frazier, Natasha Pender, and Dr. Dana McDonald

TUESDAY, March 5, 2019

9:15 AM – 10:30 AM         CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS

​"Cash Management and Program Income" Macey Prince Swinson

"Modernizing Your Workforce System" John Chamberlin

"Employment is a Critical Piece to Non-Custodial Parent and Reentry Programs System" Raymond Eibel and Jamie Cunningham

"Partnering for Business Sake" Dr. Jenni Harris, David Hollars, and Michelle Muir

"Innovations in Apprenticeship" Bill Kraus

"How Does SETA Compare to the Nation? An Exploration of WIOA Performance Across SETA" Geoff Smith, Justin Ryan, and Melanie Arthur

"Digital Transformation of Service Delivery and Customer Engagement" Patricia Griner, Barbara Nyegaard, and Ellen Westbrook

"The Power of Partnership" Dr. Beverly Ford

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM       CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS

​"Procurement Requirements (WIOA and Uniform Guidance)" Macey Prince Swinson
​        Standard Terms and Conditions

"Great Youth Services" John Chamberlin

"Whose Box are you Living in? Best Practices for Innovative Approaches to WIOA" Emily Nicholson, Heidi O'Neal, and Janice Ivey

"Impactful Re-Integration – Reconnecting Court-Involved Individuals with Their Community" Curtis Campogni and Matt Fields

"Grant Writing: How to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance" Tressa Dorsey

"Case Notes for You" Dr. Beverly Ford

"Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Are Your MOUs Compliant?" Debbie Strama

"Create a High Impact Learning Culture for Workforce Professionals" Gene Scott, Robbin Broome, Nona Stell, Jonathan Snow, and Colette Trombley


"Incorporating Financial Education into Workforce Programs" Tracie Morris and Victor Galloway

"Time for WIOA Congressional Oversight: What Would You Say?" Robert Knight

"Silver Tsunami & Its Impact on Workforce" Irene Canivet, Patricia Thompson, and Ellen Marsh

"Motivating the Unmotivated" Dr. Beverly Ford

"Connecting Foster Youth to Employment" Ronne Grantham, Solomon McAuley, Joseph Shepherd, and Jeff Emory

"Partnering with Industry for Success: The Catawba Valley Furniture Academy" Lori Price and Cindy Fulbright

"Saying the Hard Thing to Your Clients, Co-Workers and Even Your Boss" John Hattery and Joseph Seymour

"Focusing on Young People to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty" Carlis Williams and Jeff Fredericks


"Connecting Youth to Employment Through Partnerships" Stephanie Benson

"Continuous Improvement: Lessons from One-Stop Certification" Matt Fields and Jennifer Toole

"WIOA and Individuals with Disabilities: Best Practices for Sustainability" Stacey Anderson

"Terrific Workforce Systems: Nationally and in the Region" John Chamberlin

"Connecting Talent to Opportunity-Career Pathways!" Nathan Ramsey and Barbara Darby

"Procurement/Purchasing 101" Debbie Strama

"Partnerships Supporting Opportunities for Student Success" Teretha Bell, Margaret Robertson, Nicola Allen, Mary Moore, and Michael Carter

"NCMI-Building a World Class Workshop for Regional Manufacturers" David Hollars

WEDNESDAY March 6, 2019

 Closing Session: "7 1/2 Trends Determining Our Workforce Future" Ted Abernathy


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