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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions not addressed here, please contact SETA Staff and we will add them or clarify existing posts.

Membership Directory

How do I find a member using the website?

SETA has a Membership Directory that is searchable by anyone with a current membership.  To access the directory you must first log onto the SETA website (www.seta.org). The login is at the bottom left of the home page.  Once you log in you will see the “Membership Directory” link on the left hand side.  Once on the “Individual Directory Search” page you can choose from over 20 demographics to search for another member (name, organization, state, etc.). You can pull a list of individuals at a specific organization or by state using this process. You can also search for a Workforce Investment Board using the “Board Directory” link. If someone does not show up in the search they may have hidden their profile or they are not a current member.


How do I register for a conference or purchase a membership?

You can access SETA’s Online store by clicking on the “Membership/Conf Regis” link on the home page. Here you will be able to register for the upcoming conference (if registration is open) or purchase or renew your membership.  By clicking on the product you wish to purchase it will be added to your shopping cart. Conference registration requires a few more screens in order to get your information correct on the name badge, ask for food allergies, etc. Once you are ready to check out you will be able to pay with a credit card, purchase order, or “invoice me”.

Can I renew my membership and register for a conference at the same time?

Yes. First access the online store. Add the membership to the shopping cart and click “Continue Shopping”. Next purchase the conference registration. It will appear that you are registering at the “Non-Member” Rate but when you get to the shopping cart, the amount will be adjusted to the “Member” Rate.

What’s the difference between “New” and “Renew” under the Membership purchase?

Sometimes if there is a lapse in a membership, it will be considered a new membership, whereas a renewal has no lapse from the expiration of one year to the renewal of the next year’s membership.


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