Committees Leadership

A list of our committees is presented below:
The MSA Boat, Water and Snowmobile Committee coordinates with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on grants, legislation and policies affecting boat, water and snowmobile safety.
The Conferences and Training committee assists with the development and assessment of the MSA educational and training programs.
The Executive Committee is responsible for guiding and directing the future of the association. The MSA Board of Directors consists of at least one sheriff representative from each district.
The MSA Legislative and PERA Committee coordinates and evaluates public safety legislation and public policy issues.
The Minnesota Jail and Programs Services(MJPS) Board consists of Jail Programmers throughout Minnesota. The Board is elected at the MJPS Spring Conference.
The MSA Nominations Committee is responsible for the nomination process for the MSA Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The committee assures the membership that all rules and bylaws are being followed in the process of selecting new leadership within the association.
The Research and Information committee will gather equipment statistics and information relevant to the 87 Minnesota Sheriff's offices.
The MSA Scholarship and Awards committee is responsible for the distribution of materials and evaluation of nominations for the MSA scholarships and the annual awards presented at the Winter Conference.
The MSA Strategic Planning and Operation Committee coordinates the combined efforts of the Planning Committee, Audit & Budget Committee and the By Laws and Resolutions Committee.
The MSA Tribal Affairs Task Force coordinates legislation and public policy development of issues relating to tribal units of government.